Know About The Apache Indians


The Apache Indians inhabited parts of American Southwest region, Canada, and Alaskan regions. The tribal group traveled to the South of the United States and divided themselves into two regions. The Rio Grande River serves as the dividing contour. They were nomadic. It means they keep traveling around and never get settled in one place.

The Apache Indians survived by consuming buffalo meat. They used the skin as their protective clothing. It was found that Apache Indians were first to ride and learn to use horses. They were first among the tribes to learn horse riding. By the year 1700, the majority of the tribes traveled and settled in the Kansas plains. They did not know or get accustomed to farming and living on the plains. They managed to grow some crops like corn, beans, and watermelon.

The Comanche tribe came to know their weakness and destroyed their land. Their land was detained, and Apaches were defeated, resulting in a scenario where they were pushed to regions like Arizona and New Mexico. Some people went into more southward regions like parts of Mexico and Texas.

In 1730’s, the Apache Indians started to fight with the Spaniards. During that period, the battle remained blood and long. In the end, a Spanish leader agreed to leave areas of Texas. They were allowed to live, and the battle came to end in 1743. In the year 1749, one of the Apache chiefs masked a hatched to indicate that the battle and fighting was over. It is the reason we mostly use the term bury the hatchet to mention victory or fight is over.

As years passed, the Apache Indians built up a good relationship with white men living in that surrounding area. They felt protected when their relationship was strong. But later, several incidents and raids took place that affected their relationship.

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